Today, three new members joined with our three Committee members to undergo their ‘Foundation licence in a day’ training. The intense day of training, which began at 10.00am, was led by the three Committee members, Alzbeta (MM/OM1DP), Torin (MM1 STK) and Michael (GM5 AUG), and covered all the syllabus points relating to the Foundation licence and exam. The team were fortunate to be able to use material from the Colchester Radio Amateurs, who pioneered the format of ‘Foundation in a Day’ a number of years ago.

The team, however, wanted it to be more than just a ‘How to pass your exam’ day, so tried to incorporate real-world examples in to the day, from encourgaing the students to make their first QSOs on the air, through to demonstrating a new packet node established by Michael ‘AUG.

The three candidates have their tests booked in the coming weeks: we wish them well and look forward to welcoming three new members into the amateur radio fraternity.

Images from the day:

Torin leading a session
Torin leading a session on callsigns and suffixes

Alzbeta leading on transmitter block theory
Alzbeta leading a session on transmitter block diagrams and theory

Getting hands on on two metres
Getting hands on on two metres

More getting hands on
More getting hands on!