As you will read from this blog update, the Glasgow University Wireless Society has two callsigns assigned for our use.

These are MS0WSG (Wireless Society Glasgow), and GM4AGU (Amateurs Glasgow University).

Our MS0WSG callsign was applied for, and is held by, Torin MM1STK. This was our first callsign and was applied for on the day we formed the Society, in January 2023.

Our GM4AGU callsign has a far earlier pedigree, however. The image below is taken from the January 1972 edition of The Short Wave Magazine, and shows the newly assigned callsign (at that time simply GM4 and not GS4 - the special Club RSLs being introduced later).

SWM Listing Janary 1972

A year later, in January 1973, the Glasgow University Club came third in Scotland in the Short Wave Magazine Club Contest, held on 04 - 05 November 1972.

SWM CC 1972

At this point the trail goes cold. If you have any more information about the Glasgow Club, or its callsign GM4AGU, please let us know.

Club Callsign Held by First Issued page
MS0WSG Torin MM1STK 26 January 2023 here
GM4AGU Michael GM5AUG 14 April 2023
(but first issued in late 1971)

Both callsigns are available for Full licence holders within the Club, and can be heard on the bands at various times.