Training books

In the UK, there are three levels of amateur radio licenses: Foundation, Intermediate, and Full. Each level can be obtained through an online examination. It is not possible to skip levels, but it is possible to take the Direct to Full exam, which covers all three levels.

The Direct to Full exam is a high-risk proposition. It only saves 15% on exam costs compared to taking each level separately. The learning material is the same, so you have to learn all of the same information. If you fail the Direct to Full exam, you will not receive any privileges and you will not be able to operate on the air.

We only recommend the Direct to Full exam for people with many years of experience in an associated field and the appropriate qualifications. Another possible reason to take the Direct to Full exam is if you are a non-UK resident who wants to gain HAREC certification to claim a call sign in your country of residence.

For most candidates, we recommend progressing from Foundation to Intermediate and then Full. This provides a structured learning experience and helps you to develop your knowledge and skills gradually.” (Taken from the OARC Training webpage)

The GUWS offer training for the Foundation and Intermediate licences. For Foundation, this training takes the form of an intensive ‘Foundation Licence in a Day’ course, held on a mutually convenient day at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. On the day course, we will spend approximately five to six hours going through the training material, and then you will take your test that evening (either at the Centre or at your home). For simplicity we use the RSGB’s Online Examination suite, although paper tests can be used on request. To date we have run three of these sessions, with a very good pass rate.

Training session

For the Intermediate training, we train over three sessions (usually across a month, but arranged according to preference). The Intermediate course is a wee bit harder than the Foundation, so spreading it out across three sessions gives you a chance to take everything in. On the last session we can arrange for you to take the test in the evening, or you can book the test at a different time and location. These three sessions will also take place in the CCA, Sauchiehall Street, unless advised otherwise.

For both Intermediate and Foundation training, the dates are arranged ad-hoc, fitted to the needs of the Membership. If you are not a member, you would be welcome to attend the training sessions we are putting on, although we would encourage you to make a donation to club funds.

For those wishing to take their Full licence examination, while we do not offer any training in the same way as Intermediate and Foundation, we would encourage you to make use of the excellent Training scheme run by the Online Amateur Radio Community (OARC). This scheme has run for many years now and has a proven track record. Various club members will be happy to talk to you about any questions you may have, and support you along the way.

For all three licence levels, the RSGB produces an essential training book - The Foundation Licence Manual, The Intermediate Licence Manual, and The Full Licence Manual. It is important that you use the most up to date versions of these books, as the Syllabus does change from time to time.

The Club has a limited supply of manuals available to loan to those for whom the cost is prohibitive. We do encourage you to buy your own copies, however, as even after your tests they are valuable resources to help you enjoy the hobby.

It should be noted that as well as the training we provide for Foundation and Intermediate licensing, it is crucial that you put some work in behind the scenes. You should read the book, make use of resources online for mock exams (we can direct you to some of these) and generally put some effort in. Turning up to the Foundation Course in a Day training without having opened the book is not a good look, and you may well find the day quite difficult.

We hope you are interested in taking your Amateur Radio exams with us, and look forward to hearing from you.