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The Glasgow University Wireless Society (GUWS) was founded in January 2023 by four Students and Postgraduate Researchers at the University of Glasgow. Following in the footsteps of other Amateur Radio Clubs at the University, the GUWS is still in its early days.

The University of Glasgow was founded in 1451, and for over five and a half centuries has been at the forefront of scientific advances. It was here that Kelvin and Lister studied and taught, here that Joseph Black worked on his gas problems, here that James Watt experimented with steam power, and here that Jocelyn Bell Burnell studied, before going on to help discover radio pulsars.

At time of writing our membership stands at fifteen, of which eleven are active students or PGRs and four are alumni or former staff. The Society, although small, is keen to encourage newcomers into the hobby, help people progress through the UK’s three-tiered licensing structure (see the Training page), and to be a positive example of amateur radio within the University. Full (Student) membership is open to all matriculated students of the University, with Full (Other) membership open to UofG staff, former staff, and alumni. Membership fees currently stand at a modest £10/year, and our financial year runs September to August, in line with the academic year. Anyone joining after November is welcome to pay a reduced rate for the year. We meet fortnightly, usually at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Sauchiehall Street (Glasgow) but occasionally elsewhere. See the Forthcoming Meetings page above.

The Society has two Club Callsigns - see the Callsigns page - and is active in various contests and events. We run a weekly FM net for the Glasgow area during University term-time. Anyone within range is welcome to join this Net - 145.525MHz (S21) from 1800hrs on a Monday evening. Our members have different passions within the hobby, including Summits on the Air, communicating with Microwaves and Morse code (CW) to name just a couple. We are keen to help others find their passions within amateur radio. This academic year we are are hoping to operate /A from GM4NTL’s shack in Sanquhar - see the blog post introducing GM4NTL.

In time we hope to add more to this webpage, but please bookmark the page and check back for future updates as they come. You may also want to follow us on Twitter. If you’re interested in joining, please use the application form (found on the front page).

Thanks for visiting our page. 73 es GL.