As per our Constitution, the day to day running of the Society is entrusted to an elected Committee. The relevant rules concerning the Committee are below, along with a brief introduction to the office holders.

…Full members (Student) shall make up at least 2/3 of the Committee, with Full members (Other) and Honorary members making up any remainder. (6)

…The Committee, in whom the Society’s property shall be vested, shall consist of: a. A Chairman who will preside at all meetings at which s/he is present. The Chairman must be a Full member (Student). b. A Secretary… c. A Treasurer… d. Not more than two Ordinary Committee Members. e. Not more than two co-opted members who have full voting powers, and not more than two who are not permitted to vote. Co-opted members shall not form more than 1/3 of the Committee

Our Office Holders

Chairman Secretary Treasurer Ordinary Member
Michael Topple Alžbeta Oravcov Torin Storkey vacant
Divinity Undergraduate Engineering Undergraduate Engineering Undergraduate  
Email Michael Email Alžbeta Email Torin  
Michael Alžbeta Torin  

GUWS is grateful to the hard work and sound guidance of former Secretary, Harry GM1VFR.

For more information on the role of the Commmittee, please see our Constitution tab at the top of the page.