RSGB’s District 13 to be represented by GUWS Chairman

Following his appointment by Tony MM0TMZ, and the subsequent approval by the RSGB, we’re pleased to share the news that our Chairman, Michael Topple GM5AUG, is the new DR13 (District Representative 13) for Ayrshire, Dumfries and Galloway.

Working with the Regional Representative (Tony MM0TMZ), RSGB District Representatives work to promote the work of the RSGB in the local area. The Team is there to represent both the RSGB and its membership, provide support for local amateur radio clubs and groups, and advise on a wide range of amateur radio matters.

GUWS provides two of Scotland’s District Representatives. Harry (GM1VFR), our Secretary, is DR12 for Glasgow, Central and Lanarkshire.

For more information about the RSGB, this link gives information about the Regional Team, while this link offers a brief introduction to the RSGB as a whole.