Glasgow University Wireless Society Members Activate Highland Summit

GUWS members Cristian MM0UXD and Radu MM7CVF spent the Coronation Bank Holiday weekend activating the most northerly Munro in Scotland, Ben Hope (Beinn Hòb in Scots Gaelic). Devoted Summits on the Air fans, in recent weeks they have also activated Ben Vane and Beinn Narnain. They even called in to the GUWS Monday Night Net from the side of Ben Vane using a 5w handheld!

Ben Hope offers views across to the Orkney Islands and Pentland Firth and offers a good site for V/UHF contacts over some 100km. Cris and Radu also managed contacts into England, Wales, and Germany on HF.

Ben Hope
Ben Hope, from where Cris and Radu made their contacts

The view from near the top
The view from near the top

You can find out more about SOTA by visiting their website.