Glasgow University Wireless Society operates /P from GM-0110

This afternoon, two GUWS members, Alžbeta (MM/OM1DP) and Michael (GM5AUG), together with Ross (SWL) operated /P in Kelvingrove Park, logging it with Parks On The Air. Sadly they didn’t quite manage the minimum number of QSO’s to have activated the park, but they made 8 QSOs and operated on 40m in SSB and CW.

As well as many interested looks, the /P operation sparked a few conversations with inquisitive passers by. The team worked stations in England, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, all using 10w and an end-fed wire.

Alžbeta and Michael Alžbeta and Michael running GS4AGU/P

All contacts have been logged on POTA, as well as on